Benefits of Using SRM Payroll

SRM Payroll is fully aware that starting contracting can be a daunting task and can almost appear as a minefield to many, with multiple strings of not so clear legislation hanging over everything you do. Even for those who have been contracting for a long time, keeping up to date with all the paperwork is a time consuming and can be as challenging as those who have just started. SRM Payroll will offer you peace of mind and let you take a back seat while we do what we do best.

SRM Payroll fully believes that you deserve that freedom of enjoying your hard earned leisure time and concentrate on your contract so that it runs smoothly for a longer time without you having to worry about your payment solutions. Our experienced contractor management experts will deal with your funds with excellency, efficiency and effectiveness.

SRM Payroll, through its pool of professionals and experts (HR, Compliance, Tax, Payroll, Credit Control, Finance, Sales, Administration and Management) we will ensure you are paid accurately and timely, while making sure you operating within the strict guidelines set by HM Revenue & Customs.

How SRM Payroll will assist you

  • Full employment rights – you receive statutory benefits such as statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay, along with additional benefits such as access to a company pension.
  • 1st Class customer support – You will have a single point of contact for all contractors by way of an Account Manager, with direct access to their direct telephone number and email address.
  • Compliant budgeted expense processing – SRM Payroll will help in guiding you through the expenses minefield by advising you expenses you can and can’t claim. It is our ultimate goal to ensure that you maintain the highest level of compliance at all times.
  • Tax efficient egg nest – provided by the optional Pure pension scheme. Efficiently save for your future whilst at the same time reducing your current tax liability. SRM Payroll will ensure that for every £100 invested, you pay just £52 and the taxman pays the rest.
  • Ultra fast processing – SRM Payroll run multiple payrolls every day. Processing starts as soon as we receive a remittance, which allows us to provide you with the fastest payment cycle on the market.
  • One stop shop insurance cover – SRM Payroll provide a Professional Insurance package of £20m. That equates to £5m Professional Indemnity, £10m Employers Liability and £5m Public and Product Liability.
  • Reduced paperwork – our simple, easy-to-use, online Web Portal is open 24/7, so at any time of the day or night you can securely submit your timesheets, budgeted expenses etc.
  • FREE Whatsapp and/or SMS pay alerts – the moment your payroll is completed we’ll text details of your payment directly to you and tell you when it will be deposited in your bank account.

SRM Payroll recognise that every contractor is different hence our services are tailor-made to ensure that we serve our contractors in accordance to their individual circumstances and needs.