Contractor Responsibilities

Because you have made a decision to work with SRM Payroll you can surely and safely bid farewell to all the daily administration and hassle often linked with contracting. Having said that please note there are few responsibilities you have as a contractor yet they are actually very important, because if the information you provide to SRM Payroll is incomplete or inaccurate, the payroll will be adversely affected.

There are four key rules SRM Payroll expects you to observe:

  • Provide the necessary registration documents upon joining
  • Provide regular, timely and accurate timesheets
  • Provide regular, timely and accurate expense claims (preferably with your timesheet)
  • Provide evidence, in the form of expense receipts where we require you to do so

It is true that if the above information is supplied timely and in an accurately manner, SRM Payroll will be able to pay you timely and accurately.


As you join SRM Payroll, we are required by law to collect a few documents from you so that we can verify your details. We will also issue you with an employment contract, which requires your signature, so that you can take full advantage of our employment benefits package and insurances. You can view list of acceptable registration documentation here.

The following copies will be required for verification of your identity;

1) Proof of address (A bill in the last 3 months would do but this does not include mobile phone bills)

2) Photo ID

3) Evidence of eligibility to work in the UK.

4)  An original P45 or P46 (To be posted to 35 Chatsworth Rd, Corby, NN18 8PE

So all you need to do is to;

  • Send verification documents to
  • Ensure you agree to the Employment and Agency contracts online as soon as possible (if you are already in possession of your Agency contract please send it to us along with your verification documents).


Timesheets play a crucial role in the entire payment process. Delays in payment can be witnessed if submitted timesheets contain inaccurate information.

There are two main ways to inform SRM Payroll the time you have worked:

  • Complete a manual timesheet, issued by your agency or use the SRM Payroll timesheet template. You can then submit them by email, take a picture and send via Whatsapp. Timesheets are available in Excel and paper based file formats. We suggest you send them to SRM Payroll at the same time as you submit them to your agency.
  • Log your time worked by way of an online portal offered by your employment agency. These are often used by agencies operating a self- billing system. In this case the agency raises the invoice on your behalf and sends a remittance directly to SRM Payroll.

It is hugely vital to remember that your timesheets must reach all parties involved by the appropriate deadlines in order to ensure a quick and streamlined payment process which has no delays.

Expense Claims and Receipts

Business expenses must be incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your contract.

Don’t forget the golden rules behind expense claiming;

  • Claim only the expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your contract
  • Adhere to the SRM Payroll expense policy at all times
  • Supply copies of receipts to SRM Payroll as required in the policy
  • Keep ALL original receipts, for your own records, for a minimum of six years.